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Canary Islands locales and their associated LA families

Compiled by:
Paul Newfield III
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This compilation is a finding aid to help document the islands and villages from which our Canarian ancestors came. The present work is a refinement and expansion of two earlier articles:

"Some Canary Island Locales and Their Associated Louisiana Families (Based upon Diocese of Baton Rouge's published records, volume 2)", by Paul Newfield III, published in Louisiana Genealogical Register (the quarterly of the Louisiana Historical Society), v.35, #1 (March 1988), pp.23-26, and,
"More Canary Islands Locales and Their Associated Louisiana Families (From the Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records, volumes 3 & 4)", by Paul Newfield III, published in 'L'Heritage'(the quarterly of the St. Bernard Genealogical Society), v.13, #50 (April 1990), pp.118.

The scope of this article is limited, and it should NOT be taken as a complete listing of Canarian family names. In each of my earlier articles I began with the seven major islands of the Canarian archipelago, listing their particular towns and villages. Then, using the geographic data from the published sacramental records of the Diocese of Baton Rouge and from the Archdiocese of New Orleans, I assigned those family names to the respective islands and/or villages. In attributing a certain family name to a certain island or village, I have been very careful to provide at least one specific citation to that effect. Those books are cited as "BR 2" (1770-1803), "SRNO 3" (1772-1783), and "SRNO 4" (1784-1790) respectively (see References).

This compilation covers most of the settlement areas in Louisiana where the newly arrived Isleños established themselves: New Orleans, Barataria (in Jefferson Parish), Terre aux Boeufs (Tierra de Bueyes in St. Bernard Parish), Valenzuela (along Bayou La Fourche in Assumption and Ascension Parishes), and Galveztown (in Ascension Parish). The three source books for this report do not cover the area of New Iberia, where some Isleños may have settled in c.1779, along with the Malagueños from southern Spain. Consequently, that area is NOT addressed by this report.

A further note: In compiling these lists, I disregarded any entry from the published sacramental records that gave no specific geographic information other than the words "... of the Canary Islands". Consequently, this listing will NOT include all Canary Islands families who came to Louisiana. It lists ONLY those that have been specifically associated with any particular island, town or village.

Use your computer's Control - F function to quickly find any name (surnames only). After locating the respective name(s), you should consult the original record as cited.

The Canarian archepelago consists of two governmental provinces, La provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the west, and La provincia de Las Palmas in the east, each with its own governmental administration. The same division applies also to ecclastical administration, with the Western Islands' Diocese of San Cristobal de La Laguna (est. 1819), and the Eastern Islands' Diocese of the Canary Islands (est. 1406).

La Provincia de Santa Cruz La Provincia de Las Palmas
("the Western islands") ("the Eastern Islands")
Tenerife Gran Canaria
La Gomera Fuerteventura
La Palma Lanzarote
El Hierro (Graciosa)
(of "the Western Islands")

Alegria (BR 2:725), Alfonso (SRNO 4:6), Beatriz (BR 2:701), Buas (SRNO 3:158), Correo (SRNO 4:65), Cruz (BR 2:179), De Aguilar (SRNO 4:74), De Chavez (BR 2:179), De Horta [Horta, Orta] (BR 2:571, SRNO 3:158), De La Encarnacion (SRNO 3:101), De Leon [= De Lion] (SRNO 4:259), Delgado (SRNO 4:86), Del... [Del Tosaru?] (SRNO 3:235), De Ramos [= see Ramos], Dias de Leon (SRNO 4:259), Diaz (BR 2:506, SRNO 4:98), Domingues/Dominguez (BR 2:709, SRNO 3:101), Escano [= Escana] (BR 2:545), Francisco (BR 2:298), Franques (SRNO 4:203), Garcia (BR 2:585), Garcia Raymundo (SRNO 4:260), Gonzales (BR 2:175, SRNO 3:145), Gonzales Ruis (SRNO 3:147), Hernandez (BR 2:379, SRNO 3:158, SRNO 4:162), Horta [= Orta] (BR 2:571), Jaqeau [sic] (BR 2:522), Jorge (BR 2:641), Leon (SRNO 4:259), Llares (SRNO 4:193), Lopez (BR 2:506), Milan (BR 2:545), Mora (BR 2:571), Morera (BR 2:379), Orta [Horta] (BR 2:571, SRNO 3:158), Paes [= Pais] (BR 2:577), Pereira (SRNO 3:235), Perez (BR 2:19), Pino (BR 2:592), Querido (SRNO 4:162), Rabelo (BR 2:175), Ramos (SRNO 4:259), Ramos Dias De Leon (SRNO 4:259), Raymundo (SRNO 4:260), Rodriguez (BR 2:641, SRNO 4:270), Rodriguez de Chavez (BR 2:210), Roquera (BR 2:701), Ruiz (BR 2:382), Torres [de Torres] (BR 2:701), Ximinez (BR 2:329).


Garcia (SRNO 3:138).

Candelaria in Canaria

Marrero (BR 2:287).


Francisca (BR 2:612), Rabelo (BR 2:175).

La Fuente de La Guancha

Perez (SRNO 3:236, identified in the Louisiana records simply as "La Guancha").


Francisca (BR 2:585, written as "Garchigo"in the Louisiana records), Perez (BR 2:585, written as "Garchigo"in the Louisiana records).

Guia de Isora

NB: There is also a "Guia" on Gran Canaria; for a listing of those names, see the section under Gran Canaria's "Guia".

Icod de los Vinos

Alfonso (SRNO 3:3), Berme[*]a [= Bermeja ?] (SRNO 3:214), Colorado (SRNO 3:61), Del Amparo (SRNO 3:3), Gonzales (SRNO 4:151), Hernandez (SRNO 3:158), Lorenzo (SRNO 3:158), Mesa (SRNO 4:209), Moler (SRNO 3:214), Ximenes (SRNO 4:151).

NB: Written as "Lico de los Vinos" or "Yco" in some Louisiana records.

La Laguna

Cabrera (SRNO 3:41), De Mora (SRNO 4:259), De Roxas (SRNO 3:94), De Sosa (SRNO 3:96), Gonzales (SRNO 3:145), Machado (SRNO 3:145), Merias or Mexias (SRNO 3:101), Peres Sanches [or Perez Sanchez] (SRNO 3:235), Qui[h?]ola (SRNO 3:235), Rodriguez (BR 2:642), Roxas (SRNO 3:94).

Laguete, Tenerife

Alamo (BR 2:31), Diez (BR 2:7).

La Matanza (Matanzas)

De Aguiar [= De Aguilar ?] (SRNO 4:74), del Carmen (BR 2:234), del Carmen Perez (BR 2:726), Francisco (BR 2:726), Perez (BR 2:726).

Villa de Orizaba

Escobar (BR 2:276, 586), la Tosca (BR 2:276, 586).

La Orotava

Agustina (BR 2:179), Escobar (SRNO 4:116), Garcia (SRNO 4:140), Gonzales (SRNO 3:144), Guerra (SRNO 3:144), Herrera (SRNO 4:207), La Tosca (SRNO 4:116), Martel (SRNO 3:202), Melo (SRNO 4:207), Rodriguez (SRNO 3:202), Romano (BR 2:178©179).

Puerto de la Cruz

NB: See the notation below, under "Puerto de la Luz" on the island of Gran Canaria.

Realejo ( the Louisiana records written as "Realeso"; I have assigned this group to Realejo, Tenerife.)

De Mora [=Mora] (SRNO 4:90, written simply as "Realeso" in the Louisiana records).

Realejo de Abajo (Abaxo)

Gonzales (BR 2:328), Gonzales Llano [ or Llanos] (SRNO 4:150), de Orta (BR 2:328), Rivero (BR 2:328), Rodriguez (BR 2:328).

San Juan de la Rambla

Carbo (BR 2:175), Gonzales Corvo (SRNO 3:146), Guzman (SRNO 3:153), Labrador (SRNO 3:170), Ruiz [= Ruis] (BR 2:175, SRNO 3:146).

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Acosta (BR 2:3), Aguiar (SRNO 3:2), Arbedo (SRNO 4:134), Barrero (SRNO 3:219), Camber (BR 2:386), Casalta (SRNO 3:221), Cruz (SRNO 4:191), Debra (BR 2:287), De Fevrey (SRNO 3:128, called "of the place of Los [Aglos?] in Santa Cruz de Tenerife"), De La Encarnacion (SRNO 3:304), De Leon (SRNO 3:120, SRNO 4:191 [see also Leon]), De Ramos [= Ramos] (SRNO 3:252), Diaz [= Diez] (BR 2:241, 329, SRNO 4:98), Diepa (SRNO 4:99), Dominguez (BR 2:244, SRNO 3:282), Esmeraldo [= Esmeralda] (SRNO 3:120), Espinosa [= see Gusman Espinosa], Fleitas (SRNO 4:127), Francisca (BR 2:322), Francisco (SRNO 4:134), Franquer [= Franquez] (BR 2:244), Garcia (SRNO 3:138), Gonzales (BR 2:322, SRNO 3:146, SRNO 4:150), Gonzales Llano (SRNO 4:150), Gusman Espinosa (SRNO 4:157©158), Hernandez (SRNO 3:158), Jorge (BR 2:322, 642, SRNO 4:169), Leon (SRNO 4:191), Lleno (SRNO 4:150), Marrero (BR 2:287), Mayor (BR 2:532), Megron [perhaps = Negron!] (SRNO 4:99), Melian (SRNO 4:157©158), Morrino (SRNO 3:219), Neda (SRNO 3:221), Negron [= see Megron, above], Nobello (BR 2:386), Pereira (BR 2:3), Ramos (SRNO 3:252), Rodrigues/Rodriguez (SRNO 3:2), Sanchez (SRNO 3:269), Suarez (SRNO 3:282, SRNO 4:292), Viera (BR 2:718), Zamora (SRNO 3:304).

NB: There is also a "Santa Cruz de la Palma". Some of the names listed above may possibly be from the island of La Palma.


Lopez (BR 2:242), Perez (BR 2:242).


Estevez (BR 2:278), Garcia (BR 2:278).


Angel (BR 2:19), Dias De Leon (SRNO 4:259), Ramos (SRNO 4:259).


De La Guerra (SRNO 3:264), Fernandez (SRNO 4:124), Gutierrez (SRNO 4:158), Hernandez (SRNO 3:158), Rodriguez (SRNO 3:261, written as "Tagana on the Island of Tenerife"; also SRNO 4:268), Romo (SRNO 3:264), Sanches (SRNO 4:268).



Aguilar (SRNO 3:2), De Guia [= see Perdomo De Guia], de la Cruz (BR 2:304, SRNO 4:139), De La Paz (SRNO 3:80), Del Christo (SRNO 4:79), Dominquez (BR 2:245), Fernandez de Mora (SRNO 3:80), De Gamez (SRNO 3:303), Garcia (BR 2:304, SRNO 4:139), Hernandez (BR 2:701), Menesa (SRNO 4:209), de Morales (BR 2:701), Perdomo De Guia (SRNO 4:79), Plasencia (BR 2:15), Truxillo (BR 2:709), Xerez (SRNO 3:303).


Quevedo (SRNO 4:257, written as "Agulo in the Canary Islands").

Chipude (Chipide), Gomera

Cruz/de la Cruz (BR 2:210), de la Ho [= de la O] (BR 2:287, 699), Martin (BR 2:323), Martinez (BR 2:287), Morales (BR 2:210).

Valle Hermosa

De San Ramon (SRNO 4:95), Fernandes (SRNO 4:95), Truxillo (SRNO 4:95).

Village Gomera

Dominguez (BR 2:709), Truxillo (BR 2:709).

NB: Possibly the town of San Sebastian de la Gomera.




De Bores Corales (SRNO 3:75), De Paes (SRNO 4:234), Hernandez (SRNO 3:75), Ortega de Medina Zurit (SRNO 4:231), Patric[es?] (SRNO 4:231), Plazeres (SRNO 4:251).

NB: The names "Palma", "Palmas", "La Palma" and "Las Palmas" have great potential for confusion. This island is named "La Palma", and the major city of Gran Canaria is named "Las Palmas". For additional listings, the reader should consult the section for the Island of Gran Canaria.

The Town of Los Llanos

Rodriguez (SRNO 3:262; in the Louisiana records, simply called "Los Llanos in the Canaries", without any further elaboration as to its location).

Santa Cruz de La Palma

De Armas y Arsila (SRNO 3:74), De Salizar (SRNO 3:74).

In SRNO 3, the editor opines that these people are from Mallorca, but I am not convinced that he is correct.

NB: As above, the name "Santa Cruz" has a potential for confusion, since "Santa Cruz de Palma" is a city on the Island of La Palma, while "Santa Cruz de Tenerife" is a city on Tenerife. The reader should refer to the appropriate listings under the Tenerife section.




NB: No records seen from this island.



(of "the Eastern Islands")

De Orbal (SRNO 3:270), De Tolentino (SRNO 3:97), Gutierres (SRNO 3:234), Hernandes (SRNO 3:158), Herrera (SRNO 3:159), Lopez (SRNO 3:194), Marrera [= Marrero ?] (SRNO 3:158), Martel (SRNO 3:202), Martin (BR 2:699), Masias (SRNO 3:270), Monzon (SRNO 4:217), Ortiz (SRNO 3:253), Padilla (BR 2:699), Perasa (SRNO 3:234), Perez (BR 2:239), Ramirez (SRNO 3:194), Ravero [= Rabelo, Ravelo] (SRNO 3:253), Romero (SRNO 4:271), Sanabria (SRNO 4:278), Sanchez (SRNO 4:278), Suares (SRNO 3:159, SRNO 4:217), Tilano (BR 2:699), de Villanueva [= de Villanueva Barrosa] (BR 2:239, 709).

Aldea de San Nicolas

Cabral (SRNO 3:40).


Acosta (BR 2:2), Agular (BR 2:586, SRNO 4:292), Aleman [= De Aleman] (BR 2:14, SRNO 3:74, SRNO 4:5, 292), Alvarade [= see also De Sena] (SRNO 3:95), Artiles (SRNO 3:42), Bermudez (BR 2:82), Betancur (SRNO 4:29), Biera [= also see Viera] (SRNO 3:24), de Buensuceso [= de Buensuceso Viera] (BR 2:615), Callao [= Collado ?] (SRNO 3:42), Cavallera/Cavalleri/Cavellero (BR 2:242, SRNO 4:258), Cazorla (SRNO 3:251), Cestoponaca (SRNO 3:236), Collado (BR 2:195), De Aleman [= Aleman] (BR 2:14, SRNO 3:74, SRNO 4:5, 292), De Campos (SRNO 3:76), de la Cruz (BR 2:499), De Leon [= see Leon], Delgado (SRNO 4:87), De Ojeda (SRNO 3:24), De Rios (SRNO 3:93), De Sena (SRNO 3:95), Diaz (BR 2:7), Espino (SRNO 4:117), Estevan (BR 2:718), Flores (SRNO 3:235), Fuertes (BR 2:592), Geneira [= Genera] (BR 2:16 304), Gomez (SRNO 4:279), Gonzales (BR 2:328, SRNO 4:149), Gonzales Cerpas (SRNO 4:151), Hernandez (BR 2:175, SRNO 4:270), Idalgo [= Hidalgo, Ydalgo] (BR 2:82, 718), Leon [= De Leon] (BR 2:328, SRNO 4:191), Lopes/Lopez (SRNO 3:194, SRNO 4:194), Macha (BR 2:176), Mallor [= Myer, Maior in SRNO 4] (BR 2:330), Martin (BR 2:328), Mata (SRNO 3:204), Mendez (BR 2:328, SRNO 4:149), Monroy (SRNO 3:215), Morales (BR 2:176, SRNO 4:218), Neremes (SRNO 3:93), [Oje?]da (SRNO 3:275), Ortega (BR 2:328, SRNO 4:149), Ortiz (BR 2:592), Pereira (BR 2:29, SRNO 4:242), Perez (BR 2:240, SRNO 3:235), Quintana (BR 2:611), Ramirez (BR 2:82, SRNO 3:251, SRNO 4:194, 258), Ramos (BR 2:239), Rodriguez (BR 2:328, SRNO 3:215, SRNO 4:191, 218, 242), Romera/Romero (BR 2:207, 239, SRNO 4:270), Ruano Sanchez (SRNO 4:279), Sanchez (BR 2:330, 378, SRNO 4:279), Santa Ana (SRNO 4:280), Santos [= de los Santos ?] (BR 2:328), Seballos [= Zevallos] (SRNO 3:275), Suares/Suarez (BR 2:175, SRNO 3:303, SRNO 4:29, 292), Suarez [o Aleman] (BR 2:586), Sudres (SRNO 3:204), Viera [= Biera] (BR 2:304; SRNO 4:311), Ximenez (SRNO 3:303).

NB: Sometimes written as "Aguime" or "Guimes" in the Louisiana records.

Aguimes, and late of Telde

Pereira (BR 2:289), Suarez (BR 2:289).

Aguimes, Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Gidalga [= Hidalgo, Ydalgo] (BR 2:7), Diaz (BR 2:31).


Sanchez (BR 2:713), Sanchez Tuxan (BR 2:713), Tuxan (BR 2:713), Vega [= de Vega] (BR 2:713).

Carrizal (El Carrizal, Villa de Carizal).

Morales [=Moralez] (BR 2:176), Ramirez (BR 2:82), Viera (BR 2:176, SRNO 4:310).


Aleman (BR 2:195), Casadas/Cassada [= Quesada] (SRNO 3:49, written as "the town of [Guie?]"), Collado (BR 2:611), Medina (BR 2:615), Monte de Oca (BR 2:615), Ramos (SRNO 4:287), Silva (SRNO 4:287).

NB: Besides the "Guia" on Gran Canaria, and there is also a smaller town of "Guia de Isora" on Tenerife.


Genera (BR 2:15, 210), Hernandez (SRNO 4:162, written as "Yno(c/e)nio" in the Louisiana records), Hidalgo (BR 2:242, written as Ygenia in the Louisiana records), Suarez (BR 2:506, written as Yngenio in the Louisiana records).

Juan Grande

Bordona (SRNO 3:121), Espinos (SRNO 3:121), Grande (SRNO 3:121), Quintana (BR 2:611).

The City of Las Palmas

Mirelez (SRNO 4:270), Pino (BR 2:592), Quintero [= Quirino] (BR 2:282), Romero (SRNO 4:270), Ruiz (BR 2:282), Santana (BR 2:592), Suarez (SRNO 4:270), Tilano (BR 2:176).

NB: Also see those entries identified as being on the Island of La Palma, as noted above. The Louisiana records have a variety of ways of writing the name of this city, viz: 'City of Palma', 'Ciudad de Palma, Gran Canaria', and 'Palma de Canaria'.

Puerto de la Luz

De Marte [= Marte] (SRNO 3:202, written as "Puerto de la [Luz?] in the Canaries").

NB: As an alternative source for this group, consider the possibility of "Puerto de la Cruz" on the Island of Tenerife.


Monrroy (SRNO 4:214).


Angel de Quintana (BR 2:195), Baldino (SRNO 3:13), Berde [= Verde ?] (SRNO 4:25), Caballos [= Ceballos, Cavallos, Saballos, Zaballos, Zevallos] (BR 2:181, written as "Selde"; BR 2:328), Cerdena (BR 2:181), De Jesus (BR 2:673, SRNO 4:293), De La Encarnacion (SRNO 3:282), De Morales [= see Morales], Denis (BR 2:203), Figueroa (SRNO 3:225), Hernandez (SRNO 4:162), Masias (BR 2:718, written as "Ferde" in the Louisiana records), Martel (SRNO 3:269), Mason [= Monzon ?] (BR 2:195), Mayor (SRNO 3:207), Melian (SRNO 4:207), Morales (SRNO 3:217, SRNO 4:207), Morrina (BR 2:203), Navarro (SRNO 3:217), Ojeda [= Ojea] (SRNO 3:225), Orgaz (BR 2:718, written as "Ferde" in the Louisiana records), Quintana (BR 2:195), Romero (SRNO 3:263), Sanchez (SRNO 3:269, SRNO 4:25), Suarez/Suares (BR 2:203, SRNO 3:282, SRNO 4:292, 293), Verde [= try Berde].

Tirajana (Tiraxana)

De la Paz [or Lopez] (BR 2:506), Del Pino (SRNO 3:87), Diaz (BR 2:242, SRNO 4:98), Espino (SRNO 4:117), Gonzales (BR 2:330), Gonzales Siverio (BR 2:514), Hernandez [??] (SRNO 3:87), La Paz [= see de la Paz], Lopez [or de la Paz] (BR 2:506, SRNO 3:194, SRNO 4:117, 194), Pino [= del Pino] (BR 2:592), Quintero (BR 2:506), Rodrigues (SRNO 4:292), Suarez (BR 2:242, SRNO 4:98, 117, 194, 292), Viera (SRNO 4:310).

Valsequillo (near Telde)

Biera [=Viera] (BR 2:82), Macias [=Masias] (BR 2:82, SRNO 4:280), Sanchez (BR 2:82, SRNO 4:280).

In the Louisiana records, this town is sometimes written as Balsequillo.




Acosta (SRNO 4:1), Amau (SRNO 4:8), De Leon (SRNO 3:84; written as "Fort Bentura" in the Louisiana records), Deppe [= Diepa, Dieppe] (BR 2:236, written as "Fuente Bentura" in the Louisiana records), Rodriguez (BR 2:641, written in the Louisiana records as "Fuente Bentura").

Puerto de Lasaras

Lopez (BR 2:305, written as "Puerto de Lasarcas" in the Louisiana records).




Calero (SRNO 4:45).




Betancour (SRNO 4:29; in the Louisiana records, the place is written as "Graceiuse" but not further identified; besides the Islet of Graciosa in the Canary Islands, there is also an island called Graciosa in Portugal's Azores Islands. The family name Betancour is associated with both the Canaries and the Azores).




These 'unresolved locales' appear in the Louisiana records, but I have been unable to locate them on any map. These Canarian place names may have been mis-understood and mis-written by the Louisiana scribes, or they may have been mis-read by present-day reporters. Or, they might be ancient names no longer in use. If anyone can shed any light on the actual locations of these places, please let me know.

Aquinas (...might this be Aguimes, on Gran Canaria?)

Lopez (BR 2:506), Machado (BR 2:329), Perez (BR 2:329).


Tilano (BR 2:699).

The city of Canary in the Canary Islands (Probably Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ??)

Rosales (SRNO 4:273).

The city of the Canaries (Possibly Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Almeyda (SRNO 3:4), Amara (SRNO 3:4), Quintero (SRNO 3:250), Sanchez (SRNO 4:280).

El Cavo (This locale may have a Tenerife connection)

Correo (SRNO 4:65).

Colobinos in the Canary Islands (May have a Fuerteventura connection)

Mendez (SRNO 4:1).

Ferde (see Telde, on Gran Canaria)


Angel Quintana (BR 2:611), Quintana (BR 2:611), Monzon (BR 2:611).


Ramos (BR 2:673), Silva [= Silba] (BR 2:673).

Puerto de Santa Maria (not further identified)

Vellido (SRNO 3:293), Zanches (SRNO 3:293).

Tira[*] in the Canary Islands (...might this be Tirajana, on Gran Canaria?)

Gil (SRNO 4:142).

El Valle

Morales (BR 2:699).

Valle de los Nueves

Bermudez (BR 2:82).

Villa de los Caballeros

Alvarez (BR 2:304), Garcia / Garcia y Alvarez (BR 2:304).

Villa Vieja, Cuidad de Rodrigo, Spain

Ramos (BR 2:239), Viera (BR 2:239).

The coast of Yraqua in the Canaries

Benites (SRNO 3:20), Ramos (SRNO 3:20).




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NOTE: I have continued the use of some of the symbols employed in SRNO:

[, , , , , , ] spelling uncertain due to deterioration or handwriting

[ * ] page deteriorated, information lost;

[ a/b ] letter(s) uncertain, two most probable variations.

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